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This wiki is for discussion of P484.20.1 draft and process issues. Only members of the .20 Working Group are allowed to post on this wiki. Messages should also be posted on the LTSC-COMPETENCY email reflector until we are satisfied that this wiki is working and that people are using the wiki. If you are not a member of the LTSC .20 Working Group, and you would like to contribute something to this wiki, please see the main WG20 folder for contact information.

The P1484.20.1 RCD FAQ wiki page is intended to collect questions and answers about RCDs?. The P1484.20.1 Documents wiki page is intended to collect comments and issues about the RCD draft standard and associated documents. It is not a replacement for the Issue Resolution spreadsheet that will be updated regularly as we work through the draft, but it can be used to collect comments and information that do not fit on the spreadsheet or into the P1484.20.1 RCD FAQ wiki.