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Participating in WG20

by dray last modified 2008-04-22 07:59

How to participate in the WG20 Competency Working Group

Membership in a WG is open to any individual with material interest in the group’s work. To become a WG member, an individual must:
a) Be an LTSC member (see home page for registration info)
b) Notify the WG Chair of his/her desire to be a member of the WG (e.g. send email). The current chair is Luk Vervenne (Luk at with co-chair Michael Brown (micheal.brown at
c) Subscribe to the WG’s e-mail reflector.
A WG Chair may periodically confirm members’ continued material interest and eligibility for membership.

Joining the Mailing List

The first step is to join the LTSC-COMPETENCY mailing list. This is done by sending a plain text message to with no subject and the following in the body:
Subscribe LTSC-COMPETENCY myname
...where "myname" is of course replaced by your name. The message must be sent from the email address you intended to use for posting and reading messages. When your subscription is activated you will receive a confirmation message.

Working Group Activities

The Study Group has been working on the Reusable Competency Definitions draft, and is studying the possibility of adding other related standards. Subscribe to the mailing list or read the WG20 news on this web site for announcements of meetings and conference calls.
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