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Harmonization of Metadata Standards

Prolearn Report on Harmonization of Metadata Standards

IEEE 1484.20.1, Data Model for Reusable Competency Definitions Published

IEEE 1484.20.1, Data Model for Reusable Competency Definitions Published

Join LTSC Ballot Pool

Want to vote on LTSC Standards? Join the LTSC Ballot Pool!

  • Posted by mura
  • Published: 2007-11-26

LTSC Explores the Need for Competency Standards

The IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee (IEEE LTSC) has formed three new study groups to determine and define what new standards may be needed in the general domain of “competencies” as related to learning and learning technology.

  • Posted by dray
  • Published: 2006-12-14

November 2006 Meeting

Sunday, November 5, Orlando Florida

  • Posted by dray
  • Published: 2006-10-06

The "Reusable Competency Definitions" draft passes first ballot

Draft D4 of P1484.20.1 received an 89% approval in an IEEE ballot that closed recently. The ballot generated a number of comments. A Comments Resolution Committee has started resolving those comments. Some of the comments identified technical issues that can be resolved by small technical changes in the draft. A recirculation ballot is planned for the updated draft that will result from the comment resolution process.

  • Posted by dray
  • Published: 2006-09-07

LTSC March 2006 Meeting

The IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee will be holding working group and committee meetings from 28 March through 31 March 2006 at the Katholieke Universiteit (KU), Leuven, Belgium.

  • Posted by dray
  • Published: 2006-03-14

First Meeting of Simulation Interface Standards Study Group

First meeting of SIM Study Group to be held in San Diego, California, February 2 - 3. Position papers requested by January 20.

  • Posted by dray
  • Published: 2006-02-02

Simulation Interface Standards First Meeting, 2 -3 Feb, 2006

The Simulation Interface Standards Study Group will hold its first meeting 2 - 3 February, 2006, in San Diego. A call for brief position papers (due 20 Juanuary) has been issued.

  • Posted by dray
  • Published: 2006-01-02

LTSC October 2005 Meeting *updated*

LTSC to meet in October at Learning 2005

  • Posted by dray
  • Published: 2005-10-14

PAR approved for Reusable Competency Definitions (WG20 - P1484.20.1)

The IEEE-SA Standards Board has approved the revised project approval request (PAR) for P1484.20.1 - Standard for Learning Technology - Standard for Reusable Competency Definitions. The previous PAR was withdrawn to allow revision of the scope and purpose, along with renumbering of the standard project to reflect that this is only one of several possible technical standards for competency data and services. ~~ Face to face meeting in Orlando, Florida on October 30, 2005

  • Posted by dray
  • Published: 2005-09-27

Collaborative effort to update and standardize Content Packaging

The IMS Global Learning Consortium, the Advanced Distributed Learning initiative and the IEEE LTSC will collaborate to update Content Packaging and adopt it as an IEEE standard.

  • Posted by dray
  • Published: 2005-07-08

RCD straw ballot comments resolved

29 June 2005 - The comments received for the Reusable Competency Definitions straw ballot on the first draft have been resolved. The updated draft and comments summary are available for download.

  • Posted by dray
  • Published: 2005-06-29

RCD working draft editorial pass done

May 1, 2005 - The first editorial pass on the first "real" working draft for the Reusable Competency Definition standard (P1484.20) is complete. The working group will meet to resolve the remaining technical issues raised in the straw ballot that approved the initial rough draft. Next step: Submit for official ballot.

  • Posted by dray
  • Published: 2005-05-10