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by IEEE LTSC — last modified 2007-11-06 00:28 Copyright 2005

IEEE Standard for Learning Technology—Data Model for Content to Learning Management System Communication

IEEE Product No.: STDPD95276 (Print)/ STD95726 (PDF)
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Product Size: 8.5 X 11
ISBN: 0-7381-4488-6 (Print)/0-7381-4489-4 (PDF)
IEEE Standard No.: 1484.11.1-2004
Availability: Product available to ship.

Sorry, IEEE "improved" their website and to purchase this product you will need to search for it directly on their website. We used to provide a link directly to the standard, but their "improvements" have made it impossible to do so. Please go to and select "Shop". We suggest you search by the title or by the specific ISBN number corresponding to the print or PDF versions.

This Standard describes a data model to support the interchange of data elements and their values between a content object and a runtime service (RTS). It is based on a current industry practice called “computer managed instruction” (CMI). The work on which this Standard is based was developed to support a client/server environment in which a learning technology system, generically called a learning management system (LMS), delivers digital content, called content objects, to learners. The data model supports learner data and preferences, interactions, objectives, content-object entry, exit, and status information, time parameters, and scores.

Keywords: computer managed instruction (CMI), content object, data model, interoperability, learning content, learning management system (LMS), runtime service (RTS)

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