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LTSC Email Lists

by IEEE LTSC — last modified 2007-04-08 11:41

Subcribing to and using LTSC mailing lists.

Much of the LTSC work is done on email reflectors, also called mailing lists. These are provided by the IEEE.

Joining lists using email

The fastest way to join a list is to send a plain text email to

with the single line
Subscribe ListName

where ListName is the name of the list to which you wish to subscribe. The email address you use will be the email address associated with your subscription.

Joining and managing lists via the Web

An alternative method for joining a mailing list is to go to the Web site and register an email address (if you have not done so already). Note that not all LTSC mailing lists are visible using this method, but there are other public lists supported by the IEEE that might be of interest to you.

Some LTSC Lists

The LTSC and each working group has an associated set of mailing lists used for different projects, for the IEEE balloting process, etc. Here is a list of the general email reflectors:

  • LTSC (General mailing list for the LTSC. All members are expected to subscribe to this list.)
  • LTSC-DREL (General mailing list for the Digital Rights Expression Language Working Group.)
  • LTSC-CMI (General mailing list for the CMI Working Group. This group has multiple projects, so please see the working group area for more details.)
  • LTSC-LOM (General mailing list for the Learning Object Metadata Working Group. This group has multiple projects, so please see the working group area for more details.)
  • LTSC-Competency (General mailing list for the RCD Working Group.)
  • LTSC-SEC (General mailing list for the Sponsor Executive Committee.)

Unsubscribing and Managing Lists

The Web interface given above can be used to unsubscribe and perform some other management functions. An email to

with the body

HELP ListName

will return a list of commands. To unsubscribe from a list, send email to with the text


Posting to Lists

Only paid LTSC members are permitted to post to mailing lists. If you would like to make sure you are able to post to the lists, contact a LTSC Officer (preferably the Information Officer) and let him/her know which lists you're subscribed to and interested in posting to.

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