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LTSC Explores the Need for Competency Standards

by dray last modified 2007-04-05 18:29

The IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee (IEEE LTSC) has formed three new study groups to determine and define what new standards may be needed in the general domain of “competencies” as related to learning and learning technology.

A number of LTSC members feel that the area of competencies area is now in a state analogous to that of “content” several years ago that led to the initial formation of the LTSC and the successful creation of IEEE standards such as Learning Object Metadata (LOM).  With lessons learned from this previous experience this additional focus on the human performance aspects of learning could be the start of a significant new phase of standards development. Like all study group activities of the LTSC, current discussions are focused on the possible need for standards to assist in resolving key challenges in the general area of skills and competency. If such needs are determined and fit within the scope of IEEE 1484, the LTSC may move forward with the development of formal standards in this area.

If this is an area that is important and relevant to you, please consider contributing to the Competencies Study Groups (CSG) as your participation is both welcomed and encouraged. To promote the widest possible input and potential for contribution during this study group phase, a Yahoo! Group has been established to collect input. Please visit:

Or you can send comments directly via email to:

All interested parties are asked to sign up to the CSG on Yahoo! Groups so they will get all future notices and can participate in the online discussion. In addition, an overview document, notes from the first conference call (29 Nov. 2006), and files contributed by CSG participants have been posted to the Groups site. Regular teleconferences will be established in early 2007 and continue throughout the study group period.

If you have any further questions regarding the IEEE LTSC Competencies Study Groups activities, feel free to contact Wayne Hodgins at